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Nablus Olive Oil

Nablus Olio di Oliva

Nablus is the second largest city of the West Bank, founded by the Romans in 72 a.C. and originally called Flavia Neapolis (New City of the emperor Flavius Vespasianus) 

This city, after which the homonym detergent is named, boasts a long tradition of soap manufacturing. We have certain evidence of its production since the beginning of the X century, when olive oil-based soap used to be exported from the Nablus soap factories to the whole Arabic world and in Europe.

It is said that the soaps from Nablus were Queen Elisabeth I of England’s very favorites 

Nablus soap, packaged in elegant little boxes, represents a heritage of tradition and skills (/is a symbol of traditional heritage and skills) for the entire Palestine and is nowadays introduced for the first time in Italy by Vegetal-Progress®.

All of the Vegetal-Progress® Nablus soaps are certified “organic cosmetic” by Ecocert and each bar of soap weighs 100gr.

Every Vegetal-Progress® Nablus soap possesses these precious features: 

no preservatives

no hydrocarbons

no chemical surfactants

no EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid

no parabens 

no chemical fragrances

no animal testing


While each variety of Soap has its own special qualities: 

Nablus Olive Oil maintains glowing skin, also the most delicate one of children.


Modalità d'uso

This soap is suited for a deep cleansing of face and body, without compromising the skin's natural defenses. 

Ideal for oily, acneic and fungal skin, it is excellent for keeping the skin of face and body smooth and warmly scented.


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Nablus Olio di Oliva
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