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Ozonized Olive Oil®

Made of pure extra-virgin Olive oil and Ozone. The use of this precious ozonated oilive oil favors skin’s wellness, oxygenating the tissues with an anti-ageing effect.

Ozonated Olive Oil deeply works on parts of the body that have lost its firmness, reactivating the oxygenation of treated areas.

Ozone is a gas very close to Oxygen, without which life on Earth would not be possible in its actual form. The latest biochemistry researches proved that Ozone is a precious element also as far as the protection of our skin is concerned.

In case of withered skin, frequent frictions with ozonated olive oil, rich in active ozone, give incomparable and lasting results: the skin regains splendor and vitality. Applied of areas affected by cellulite, it acts effectively giving new firmness to the tissues and reactivating the oxygenation of the treated areas. On portions of the skin affected by acne, daily frictions are particularly helpful, normalizing sebum secretions, healing and soothing.




Modalità d'uso

Delicately massage the product on the areas of concern, especially on bottom and thighs, to help reducing cellulite blemishes. Ozonated Olive Oil can also be used to remove makeup while deeply nourishing facial skin.


Olea europea oil, ozone.


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