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Tania Cagnotto

Tania Cagnotto

Tania Cagnotto, extraordinary World Champion as well as silver and bronze medalist in diving at the last Olympics, has accompanied us for years winning and using our products.

She confidentially told us that her first dive happened at 2 years of age, slipping into the pond of the Acqua Acetosa sports center in Rome: a sort of “sign of destiny”.

Since she was a child she never gave up and at the little age of 6 she dived for the first time in the water of a real pool, what she called “the most natural gesture in the world!”

We admire her strenght and sincerity when she says: “I just wanted to plunge, that’s all. I wanted to imitate what they had done, my father and mother, and at the same time I had crazy fun. There you go, to dive for me meant playing. And dreaming. Yes, because ever since I was little I dreamed a lot, I dreamed of going to the Olympics…”

Tania, interview extract, official website


Born in Bolzano on the 15th May 1985, she is the daughter of Giorgio Cagnotto, tremendous diver twice Silver Olympic Medalist, and Carmen Casteiner, eight times platform champion.

In December 2003 after enlisting in the Italian Finance police she gifted Italy with many gold medals, diving like an angel from her beloved trampoline.

Vegetal-Progress® found in Tania a girl and athlete who fully reflects its philosophy of purity, naturalness and simplicity.