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Soldatt® Junior

100% pure Rose extract (Asian origin).

Rose has emollient and soothing properties in the oropharyngeal mucosa and larynx.

It promotes the functionality of respiratory mucous membranes, tone of voice, regularity of intestinal transit, relaxation and mental well-being.

Thanks to the high content of Vitamin C, it can be consumed in cold periods as a coadjuvant in the prevention of cooling syndromes.

Natural source of Vitamic C, Soldatt® Junior, nourishes the health of children.


Nutrition information

Intake of  extracts for 100g and for daily dose 

kcal 316,8 - kJ 1346,4
0,2 g
79 g
0 g
Vitamin C
73 mg (91,2% Daily Value*)
Consumption pattern

We suggest taking Soldatt® Junior as such or to dilute 1 or more teaspoons in water to prepare a cold or lukewarm beverage.


100% pure Rose extract (Asian origin)

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Immagine in griglia
Soldatt Junior
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