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Soldatt® Lichen


Made with 66,5% pure Date concentrated extract and 33,5% pure Lichen concentrated extract. 

Obtained from Lichens from the scandinavian forests, this syrup is particularly suited in winter times, consumed as such or in a delicious balsamic beverage.

For this reason Vegetal-Progress® chose to depict Soldatt® Lichen with the phrase “Forget me not in wintertime. Walk and breathe in the valleys of air”.

The beneficial characteristics of Lichen are joint with the traditional properties of Date, fruit of millenarian use, delicious food high in mineral and vitamin content. It has proven body liquids drainage aid properties and emollient and soothing actions at the level of the digestive system.

The pure Lichen and Date concentrated extracts are obtained from fresh plants and fruits through particular manufacturing processes that entirely preserve all nutritive qualities and flavors at their fully natural state, in order to be employed for traditional purposes.


Indications for use

We suggest consuming Soldatt® Lichen as such or to dilute 1 or more teaspoons in water to prepare a cold or hot beverage.


66,5% pure Date (African and/or Asian origin) concentrated extract, 33,5% Lichen (Cetraria islandica (L.) ACH., Finnish origin) concentrated extract.

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