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Soldatt® Kaki

Made with 50% pure Persimmon concentrated extract and 50% pure Date concentrated extract.
Date is a fruit of millenarian use and represents a delicious food high in mineral and vitamin content. It has proven body liquids drainage aid properties and emollient and soothing actions at the level of the digestive system.
Persimmon has antioxidant properties and favors the regularity of intestinal transit, the well-being of sight and the fluidity of bronchial secretions. Excellent source of Folic Acid, Iron and Selenium, Soldatt® Kaki gives rapid an natural energy, resulting particularly indicated in the morning as early breakfast for those who have to undertake sports activities, and helping to preserve a healthy psychophysical balance.

For the first time the Kaki (Diospyros kaki L.) concentrated extract is obtained from fresh fruits through particular manufacturing processes is used. This extract entirely preserves all nutritional qualities together with the fresh fruit’s flavor and scent and can thus be efficiently employed for traditional purposes.


Nutrition information

Average content for 100 g | *RDA= Recommended Daily Allowance

kcal 245,8 - kJ 1041
2,5 g
55 g
0,2 g
Food fibers
7 g
0,02 g
0,05 g
Folic Acid (total folate)
40 mcg (20 % RDA*)
3 mg (21,4 % RDA*)
0,4 mg (20 % RDA*)
598 mg (30 % RDA*)
β-carotene and α-carotene (Provitamin A)
123 mcg
Consumption pattern

We suggest taking Soldatt® Kaki as such or to dilute 1 or more teaspoons in water to prepare a cold or lukewarm beverage.


50% pure Persimmon (Italian origin) concentrated extract, 50% pure Date (North African and/or Asian origin) concentrated extract.

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