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Vitamilla® Chamomile Drink

Infusion made with the most selected flowers of Matricaria chamomilla (Egyptian origin), 100% from organic farming. 

Chamomile has always been associated with the idea of calmness and wellbeing; a nice cup of Chamomile infusion, with its particular and very fine aroma, helps reducing stress and finding relaxation in moments of tension. Its use is widespread all over the world.

Furthermore, Chamomile facilitates the digestive function, regulating gastrointestinal motility with an emollient and soothing action. Additionally, it promotes the functionality of the respiratory tract mucosa.


Therefore, Vitamilla® Chamomile Drink allows you to prepare delicious beverages suited to relax and favor sleep and digestion, soften coughing, colds and sinusitis.

Consumption pattern

For preparation we suggest using about 1 teaspoons of Vitamilla® Chamomile Drink flowers for each cup of water, boiling it for some time and letting it shortly brew in a covered container. Sweeten according to personal taste.



Matricaria chamomilla flowers (Egyptian origin) from organic agriculture


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