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Made of Guaranà (Paullinia cupana H.B.K., Brazilian origin), 100% from organic farming.

Guaranà has always been used in Amazonia, Parà and Mato Grosso for the preparation of tonic-energizing beverages. The ancient inhabitants of the rivers Tapajós and Rio Grande used to grow and still cultivate it as an energy-saving food.

The daily use of Guaranà in the wetlands of the Amazon forest guarded natives, during their long canoe trips, from the frequent inconveniences of those regions, preserving their physical and mental energies. The Jesuit Father J.F. Betendorf introduced it to Europe in 1669.

The daily intake of this plant, cultivated and utilized still to this day, contributes to maintain physical and mental energies intact.

Guaranà is an active substance particularly suited for those who practice intense sport activities and is traditionally considered a tonic for both physical and mental fatigue as well as a stimulant of metabolism, especially of the lipid one, able to foster the maintenance of a balanced body weight.

Preparation Direction

For preparation we suggest using about 1 teaspoon of Rio-Guaranà® for each cup of water, boiling for 2-3 minutes and letting it brew for 15 minutes. Sweeten according to personal taste.



100% Paullinia cupana H.B.K. (Guaranà, Brazilian origin) 

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