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Nilorosso® Nile Red Drink

Made of the most exquisite Hibiscus sabdariffa flowers, which grow in the central Nile, 100% from organic farming.

Nilorosso®, rich in mucilages and polyphenols, especially anthocyanins, is used to prepare relaxing and digestive beverages, very pleasant and slightly sour. The infusion obtained from Nilorosso® has a natural ruby red color and is agreeable and refreshing in all seasons. 

In the British Antilles this tea is called “Rosella drink”, in other places “Karkadè” and “Sudanese tea”. It is known and used in most parts of the world.

Karkadè is renowned for its antioxidant properties and for its helpful effects on diuresis, on the functionality of the urinary tract and on the homeostasis of arterial pressure. Traditionally, besides, Karkadè is used to favor a regular intestinal transit.

Preparation Direction

For preparation we suggest using 1 teaspoons of Nilorosso® flowers for each cup of water, boiling it for a few minutes and letting it brew until the beverage turns an intense shade of ruby red. Sweeten according to personal taste.



Hibiscus sabdariffa flowers (Egyptian origin) from organic agriculture


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