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Karoo® African Drink Tea

Made 100% with plants from organic agriculture, Karoo® is a caffeine-free, theine-free and tannin-free beverage, an excellent substitute for tea and coffee.

The plants that make up this drink grow in the crystal clear atmospheres of the Southern uplands and offer a taste as natural as their environment. Already used for centuries by local populations, the African Karoo® Drink has now found the favor it enjoys in the world also in Italy. This beverage contains neither caffeine, nor harmful alkaloids, nor tannins and is very rich in mineral substances: it offers a true benefit for the thousands of people who need to avoid stimulants, astringent substances or tannins.

Karoo® is available both loose and in practical cotton bags.


Preparation Direction

The drink can be prepared with 1 teaspoon of dried product for each cup of water; we suggest boiling it for 5 minutes and letting it brew for 10-15 minutes. If you are using a bag (1 for each cup of water), we advise boiling for 2-3 minutes and letting it brew for 10-15 minutes to develop a wild and strong aroma and a rich taste. It can be taken with milk or lemon and may also be given to children.



Organic Cyclopia intermedia (non-EU agriculture)

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