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Pom-Pom® 2 Jarrah Honey


Pom-Pom® 2 Honey is the nectar harvested from Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata Donn ex Sm.) and it is entirely special.

Pom-Pom® 2 Honey is very pure; beekeepers harvest it from hives located in the natural primitive forests of Southwest Australia and it is collected from the honeycomb cells by centrifugation.

Pom-Pom® 2 Jarrah Honey remains naturally liquid for long periods of time, without crystallizing; this event is probably due to the low content of glucose (<22,5%) and to the very low sucrose content (<0,5%).

Glucose-rich honeys crystalize very quickly, while the ones poor in glucose and rich in fructose, precisely like Pom-Pom® 2 Jarrah Honey or chestnut or acacia honeys, crystallization develops belatedly and in a more incomplete manner.

Honeys of such a kind, with high fructose content, have a low Glycaemic Index, which makes them suitable for a wide range of uses, also as sweeteners.

Jarrah Honey boasts antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties. Moreover, through topical application, it favours a natural hair bleaching.

Consumption pattern

1 or more teaspoons as such or dissolved in a lukewarm drink.



100% pure Jarrah honey (Eucalyptus marginata)

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