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100% made of pure fresh Date condensate from organic agriculture (African and/or Asian origin).

Datterina® is a delicious natural source of energy to be consumed in various ways (as such, on bread, biscuits, crepes, diluted in drinks…) and all day long: for breakfast, break, before or after sport activity and in the evening as dessert.


Besides being an excellent energizing sweetener for many beverages, Datterina® is suitable for children’s nutrition and for adults it can be an aid in case of breakdown, exhaustion due to sports or study, stress, excessive weight loss, mineral deficiency. Datterina® helps sustaining oneself also during forms of flu and colds typical of the winter season.

Preparation Direction

We suggest diluting Datterina® in liquids or to spread a few teaspoons on bread or whole rusks.


Consumption pattern

We recommend consuming it in the morning as early breakfast or as a snack. 


100% pure condensate of fresh Dates (North African origin) 

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Can I use it?

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