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Sidrôr® Cider Sweet


Our cider is made with whole apples from Breton organic and biodynamic farming.

Since the Middle Ages, especially in countries of Celtic tradition, cider was a widespread beverage, tied to various popular traditions. 

Its beneficial digestive, diuretic and febrifuge properties are exalted since ancient times.

Sidrôr® Dolce Bouché in very rich in vitamins and consumed on a regular basis contributes to balance and maintain the homeostasis of our body, also improving intestinal functionality.

Sidrôr® Dolce Bouché is free of sulphites and chemical additives, is vegan, vegeterian and gluten-free, hence suitable also in case of celiac disease.

The used varieties are the sweet redolent and bitter/sweet ones, which bring fineness, body and fragrances.


75 cl



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Sidrôr® Cider Sweet can be served cold, but not frozen to allow the aromas to expand. 


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