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Beta-Bio® is obtained through lacto-fermentation of first quality beetroots carefully selected from organic farming.

The value of this juice is well known since ancient times. As a natural source of folates and thanks to its strong antioxidant activity and to its Vitamin B content, Beta-Bio® is a food compatible with a lack of B-group vitamins and of folic acid. It also has beneficial actions on the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora.


Nutrition information

Average content for 100g of product | *RDA= Recommended Daily Allowance

Reported values are subject to the common variations for natural products.


kcal 36/kJ 154
1,1 g
7,3 g
0,2 g
Vitamine B12
1 mcg (40% RDA*) per portion 1,6 mcg (64% RDA*)
72 mcg (36% RDA*)
1 porzion
160 ml of juice
Consumption pattern

We suggest taking one glass of Beta-Bio® a day, preferably after lunch, to favor the wellbeing of the intestinal bacterial flora.



Pure lacto-fermented Beetroot (Beta vulgaris L., EU origin) juice from organic farming.


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Can I use it?

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