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Karitesana® Gold

Product made of pure Nilotic Shea butter (an exquisite variety that spontaneously grows along the hights of the river Nile) with an exceptional moisturizing and firming action. This butter, 100% from organic farming, can be used as a nourishing night cream.

Thanks to its specific texture and to its composition rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, Karitesana®  Gold is a wonderful anti-ageing remedy and helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin in sensitive areas like around the eyes, lips and breasts. Its formula, indeed, provides for the highly moisturizing power of Karitesana® Gold and for its easy and instant absorption.

Presentation: 30 ml jar.

Indications for use

Si consiglia di applicare il prodotto sulle parti più delicate del viso, del seno e di massaggiare delicatamente fino al completo assorbimento sulla pelle detersa con i saponi biologici di Nablus.


We suggest applying the product on the most delicate areas of face and breast, gently massaging until fully absorbed by the skin, previously cleansed with the organic Nablus Soaps.


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Can I use it?

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