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MKNO® Nature on the skin


Since 2007, with MKNO® - Nature on the Skin ecological clothing line, Vegetal-Progress® enriches its offer of avant-garde natural products, paying particular attention to the environment and to its preservation in all phases of manufacturing, from the choice of raw materials to packaging. 

All of the items of the MKNO® textile line are made using exclusively the finest eco-friendly cotton Pima from the Andes and are carefully packaged according to an artisan tradition.

The Andean Pima Cotton carries this name as a tribute to the American Indians of the Pima tribe, who were the first to sow and produce it in Arizona. Introduced during the Twenties, this cotton is nowadays considered of the highest quality and one of the very best types, thanks to its features of resistance and softness, in addition to its pleasantness to the touch. Thanks to the longer and more compact fibers, typical of this type of cotton, the article turns out to be more resistant to wear and tear and longer lasting in time.

The ecological cotton that makes up our articles is produced with techniques that renew the natural nutrient substances of the soil, so to preserve and protect the farmers’ health and water supplies.

During the manufacturing processes, cotton is washed with distilled water and hydrogen peroxide, thus avoiding chlorine-based bleaching agents.

All the articles of our line protect delicate and sensitive skin from the first months of infancy to adulthood.

Stringent controls by Independent Institutes, from the cultivation field to the spinning facility, guarantee the quality of our fabrics, certified in accordance with the OEKO-TEXT® Standard 100 No. BAA 13602 by the Testex Swiss Textile Testing Institute, Zurich.

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