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Tim-Tim® Essential Oil


Pure unrectified and not redistilled Thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.) essential oil, 100% from organic farming.

One of the finest Thyme oils, from the sweet and precious aroma. Meeting highest purity standards, this Thyme oil is suitable for all types of usages. Tim-Tim® adds its strong and piercing scent and inimitable delicacy to traditional use. One drop contains the subtle charme of nature. Thanks to its balsamic and antiseptic properties, Tim-Tim® is a good remedy in case of warts, canker sores and coughing.

In cosmetics it is used to contrast against acne, to prevent the hair loss and to reinforce the hair. Thyme essential oil, at an emotional level, helps to enhance memory and concentration and is also useful in case of amnesia and psychological blocks.

An amount of 14 kg of fresh leaves is required to distill 10 ml of essential oil.

Indications for use

It can be used in nutrition, for frictions, touching, baths preparation, for pedicures, aromatherapy, perfumery, humidifiers and room diffusers.


Thymus vulgaris oil* (naturally contains Linalool, Geraniol)


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