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Pure Tsuga Canadensis essential oil distilled in its place of origin.

One of the finest and dantiest Tsuga Canadensis oils, the most beautiful Canadian conifer, which has always been used by the Algonquian Indians and by the Northern populations.

It can be applied pure, in small quantities, for slow and gentle massages of the breast and of the sole of the feet. In cosmetics it is used for manicures and pedicures.

The essential oil of Tsuga, at an emotional level, is perfect for meditation: like a ray of sunshine in the middle of the winter, it brings back the zest for life.

To distill 10 ml of essential oil a quantity of 10 kg of fresh needles is required.

Indications for use

It may be used for massages and frictions on the breast and feet, for inhalations, in humidifiers and in room diffusers.



Abies balsamea oil (Tsuga canadensis)

Focus area

Immagine in griglia

Can I use it?

 Table of intolerances

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