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Merlin® Kanaria

Extremely rare product obtained from the lymph of wild Palms of the Canary Islands, naturally rich in Potassium, 100% from organic farming.

This uncommon product, diluted in water, suits the preparation of a delicious beverage rich in precious nutrients contained in the lymph; it can also be eaten as such, as a sweetener or spread on bread.

Nutrition information

Average values for 100g  | *RDA= Recommended Daily Allowance

kcal 280 – kJ 1190
0,5 g
70 g
0 g
0,06 g
1038 mg (51,9% RDA*)
Preparation Direction

It is advisable to dilute 1 or more teaspoons of Merlin® Kanaria in a glass of water to prepare a delicious drink.

Consumption pattern

As a drink, as a sweetener or spread over bread or sliced ​​slices.


Pure Concentrate of Canary Palma Linfa (Phoenix canariensis Chabaud, origin Spain) Organic 100%

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Can I use it?

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