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Soldatt® Lichen Candies

Sweets based on whole cane sugar, 22% Pear concentrate and 1% Lichen concentrated extract, all ingredients 100% from organic farming.

Healthy and good-tasting, Soldatt® Lichen candies are a sweet support in case of coughing. 

Soldatt® Candies look like old-time sweets, since they are handmade by master confectioners as in the past; they contain Lichen extract from Scandinavian forests and Pear concentrate from the Swiss mountains, certified organic.

The pure Lichen and Pear concentrated extracts are obtained from plants and fresh fruits through particular manufacturing processes which preserve all nutritive qualities and flavors.


Organic cane sugar, 22% Organic Pear (Swiss origin) concentrate, 11% Organic Lichen (Cetraria islandica (L.) ACH., Finnish origin) concentrated extract.

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