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Sambio® Concentrated Juice

Made of Elder juice, 100% from organic farming.

All of our products are subject to continuous sensory checks and quality-control analysis; Sambio®Juice, in particular, is prepared squeezing carefully selected top-quality berries.

The value of this noble juice, which can be consumed both cold and warm, is known since ancient times for its capacity to contribute to physical well being.

Elder, indeed, is a typical European, North African and Asian plant, whose berries have always been used as food.

The beneficial and digestive properties of its fruit were mentioned for the first time by Pliny the Elder; more recently, various studies assign elder berries anti-influenzal properties.

Rich in antioxidant flavonoids like vitamin and potassium anthocyanins, Elder juice is an excellent help in maintaining the body’s natural defences, especially in colder periods of the year; its formula also makes it a protector of the physiological functionality of sight.

Nutrition information

100% pure Elder berries juice (Sambucus nigra L., EU origin)

kcal 45 / kJ 190
2 g
7,5 g
of which own fruit juices
6 g
< 0,5 g
of which:
saturated fatty acids
< 0,5 g
Food fibers
< 0,01 g
< 0,01 g
52 mg (like as 83 m)
Consumption pattern

We suggest drinking 1 glass a day; one portion is equal to 160 ml of juice100% pure Elder berries juice (Sambucus nigra L., EU origin)





Puro succo di bacche di Sambuco (Sambucus nigra L., origine UE) 100%

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