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Dasinal® Tonic Serum


Dasinal® is a dermo-protective line of products made with donkey milk from Piedmont. The virtues of donkey-milk on the skin and its legendary properties have been known since ancient times. This line consists of four products with unique characteristics: cream, body tonic, tonic-serum and beauty soap.


Made almost entirely of pure donkey milk, this tonic-serum is able to exert a tonifying and nourishing action on the skin.

Thanks to its pureness and light texture, it proves being deeply penetrating, providing an anti-aging effect which will already be visible after the first two weeks of use.

Presentation: 100 ml glass bottle.

Indications for use

We recommend using it once or twice a day through a cotton ball soaked in the product with which gently massaging face and neck to hydrate, remineralize and keep the skin smooth and youthful. For a more powerful treatment the tonic-serum can be used as a nourishing mask soaking cotton or bread crumbs with the skincare and letting it work its effects on the areas of interest for 10 to 15 minutes, then removing the excess with the softening and soothing effect of Perceval® 1 Rose.


Lacta asinus (70%), Glycerin, Citrus aurantium bergamia water, Sodium salicylate, Rosa damascena water

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