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Soldatt® Rose


Made with 60% pure Date concentrated extract and 40% pure Rosehip fruit and petals concentrated extract.

The product contains all the extraordinary energy of Rosehip and of Dates in concentrated form.

Excellent source of Vitamin C, Soldatt® Rose gives quick and natural energy, resulting particularly indicated in the morning as early breakfast and as a defense in colder periods and in case of vitamin deficiency. 

The pure concentrated extracts of Rosehip fruit and petals and of Date are obtained from fresh plants and fruits through particular production processes that entirely preserve all nutritional qualities and scents at their fully natural state.

Thanks to the properties of its components, well-known in popular tradition, and to its delicious flavor, Soldatt® Rose can make your morning breakfast truly special.


Informazioni nutrizionali

Average content for 100g g | *RDA= Recommended Daily Allowance

kcal 221,7 kJ 942
2,5 g
52,6 g
0,15 g
Vitamin C
75 mg (93,7% RDA*)
Vitamin B2
0,27 mg (19,3% RDA*)
4 mg (28,5% RDA*)
Modalità di consumo

We suggest taking Soldatt® Rose as such or to dilute 1 or more teaspoons in water to prepare a cold or lukewarm beverage.


70% pure Date concentrated extract (North African and/or Asian origin), 30%  concentrated extract fruits and rose petals (Europe origin)


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